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    SparkIV (for GTA IV v1.0.0.4) by aru


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    SparkIV (for GTA IV v1.0.0.4) by aru Empty SparkIV (for GTA IV v1.0.0.4) by aru

    Post  Vicecityboy92 on Thu Jan 07, 2010 9:48 pm

    SparkIV (for GTA IV v1.0.0.4) by aru
    This tool allows you to open and extract files from GTA IV's model, texture, and script libraries. It's currently in beta, but is already very powerful!

    Current Version: 0.6.2
    Released as a public beta.

    This program is provided under the GPL v3 license. The source code for this program can be obtained from its Google Code page.

    Comments/Requests/Bug Reports/etc are welcome!

    NOTE: This is a public beta, and as such it is crucial that you backup all files you save/rebuild with SparkIV! I won't be held responsible for any loss of files/limbs/cake/etc that may result due to the use of SparkIV.

    Version 0.6.2 Features
    - Support for previewing FragType Model (*.wft) files
    - Support for viewing LOD models
    - Support for exporting audio as multichannel WAV files
    - Support for Russian patched version (
    - Workaround for Windows 7 textures bug for older betas (should already be fixed in newest beta of Windows 7)
    - Updated list of audio filesnames (thanks to DerPlaya78)
    - Other minor bug fixes/speed improvements

    Version 0.6.1 Features
    - Critical bug fix with import/export textures.
    - Fixed a few bugs in WHM preview
    - Auto-check for readonly when opening IMG/RPF files

    Version 0.6.0 Features
    - Support for version 1.0.2 of GTAIV
    - Support for previewing WHM files (might not preview exactly as shown in game)
    - Support for all Audio files, with playback and export support (thanks to DerPlaya78!)
    - Default filenames are now shown when exporting/importing textures in Edit mode
    - Support for loading IMG/RPF/Directories by passing a command line argument
    - IMG/RPF files are opened in read/write share mode now instead of just read share
    - Work around for Windows 7's GDI+ bug
    - Added support for "type 3" vertices in models
    - Fixed bug with textures that have a name of less than 6 characters

    Version 0.5.4 Features
    - Fixed critical bug in texture size calculation for mipmaps
    - Added support for 8bit grayscale (L8) textures
    - Added support for "type 8" vertices in models

    Version 0.5.3 Features
    - Improved model loading, most models should display correctly now.
    - Added support for 32bit ARGB textures
    - Fixed a few texture file memory leaks
    - Fixed bug in texture mapping in 3D preview
    - Fixed bug in size calculation for thumbnail generation

    Version 0.5.2 Features
    - Support for editing textures embedded in Model (wdr) and HTML (whm) files
    - Added View/Edit buttons. Default action is View now, so use the Edit button if you wish to edit textures.
    - Fixed bug with texture encoding producing low quality mipmaps.
    - Fixed bug with loading SparkIV.Config.xml file

    Version 0.5.1 Features
    - Support for Texture File editing with Import (replace only) functionality
    - Support for viewing Texture mipmaps and viewing colour channels seperately
    - Support for showing most of the filenames in Audio RPF (v3) files.
    - Support for launching external registered editors based on extension
    - Fixed some bugs with IMG file saving

    Version 0.5.0 Features
    - New "Browse" feature loads up GTAIV directory into view allowing easy access to open IMG/RPF files, as well as previewing resource files not in archives.
    - Experimental support for saving RPF files (hasn't been extensively tested)
    - Experimental support for previewing script (*.sco) files in a pseudo C-like decompiled form as well as a disassembled form.
    - Support for previewing XML and other text files
    - Support for previewing Model Dictionary (*.wdd) files
    - Experimental support for texture mapping in model preview (will automatically load filename.wtd if present or display textures embedded in model -- mapping may not be accurate for all models!)
    - Model meshes without textures will now show in a random colour
    - Model preview has a tree control allowing to view submeshes
    - Model preview allows viewing model in wireframe mode (might be slow)
    - Some minor bug fixes

    Version 0.4.5 Features
    - Texture (*.wtd) preview and support for exporting textures
    - Experimental Model (*.wdr) preview
    - Double click/Press enter on a supported file to preview it
    - Fixed bug in resource file segment size calculation when importing data in Resoursaur.

    Version 0.4.0 Features
    - Opens IMGs (ver 3), and RPFs (ver 2/3). Old style IMGs (GTA3/VC/SA) are unfortunately not supported.
    - Saves/Rebuilds IMGs. Saving RPFs is currently not supported, but will be added eventually.
    - Allows you to import/export files.

    - Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. If SparkIV does not run, you need to download and install this from here.
    - Version 1.0, 1.01 or 1.02 of GTAIV.exe. This is required for the cryptographic keys.

    Resource Files
    Exported Resource files will be exported as-is and compressed. To extract the data segments out of the resource file, a tool called Resoursaur (yes, creative... aren't I? ) is available in versions of Spark 0.5.4 and older (download available at the Google code link). This tool will be quite useful to those wishing to explore the resource file formats in a hex editor.

    Legal Issues
    A cryptographic encryption key is required for running SparkIV. For legal reasons (DMCA/EUCD/etc), this key is not included in SparkIV but rather extracted from GTAIV.exe on startup. So, you will need a supported version of GTAIV installed, or have a GTAIV.exe placed in the same directory as SparkIV.

    Please don't reupload this to your website. Link to this forum topic instead. This tool is still a WIP and there are many many more updates/fixes to come.
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