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    Gta San Andreas very useful cheats


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    Gta San Andreas very useful cheats Empty Gta San Andreas very useful cheats

    Post  DaNangTimken on Fri Jan 08, 2010 5:10 pm

    ********VERY USEFUL CHEATS*******
    HESOYAM=Full car and CJ health plus armor and 250,000 dollars
    VROCKPOKEY=Hotring racer
    UZUMYMW=Level 3 weapons
    KJKSZPJ=Level 2 weapons
    LXGIWYL=level 1 weapons
    ASNAEB=Clear wanted level
    toodamnhot=sunny weather
    AIRSHIP=flying boats
    RIPAZHA=Flying cars
    Fullclip=Unlimited ammo best used with UZUMYMW and the sawnoff shotgun
    **********VERY USEFUL CHEATS*********

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